LACROIX City has more than 1 300 miles of woldwide roads equipped with its Neavia V2X products.

Connected Corridors

Scoop@F Cooperative ITS pilot deployment for connected vehicles in France
SCOOP@F is a Cooperative ITS pilot deployment project that intends to connect approximately 3.000 vehicles with 2.000 kilometres of roads. It consists of 5 specific sites with different types of roads: Ile-de-France, “East Corridor” between Paris and Strasbourg, Brittany, Bordeaux and Isère.
C-roads : A C-ITS pilot deployment project for connected vehicles in Europe
The C-Roads Platform is a joint initiative of European Member States and road operators for testing and implementing C-ITS services with regard to cross-border interoperability and harmonisation of systems and services. The Platform works on harmonised specifications, links the national C-ROADS pilots, supports transnational testing, and conducts specific working groups on subjects such as organisational aspects, technical aspects and evaluation/assessment.



Intercor : An ITS pilot deployment project for connected vehicles in North Europe Corridor
InterCor is a European project which aims to connect the C-ITS corridor initiatives of the Netherlands C-ITS Corridor, the French corridor defined in the SCOOP@F project, and the United Kingdom and Belgian C-ITS initiatives. The InterCor project plans to achieve a sustainable network of C-ITS corridors providing continuity and serving as a TestBed for Day-One C-ITS service development and beyond.



Autonomous Vehicles

An fleet of autonomous shuttles running over Paris CDG Airport
KEOLIS, Navya & Paris CDG Airport worked together to deliver 3 stops shuttles for Airport employees and visitors along hotels & Airport zones.


An autonomous shuttle for the first time on opened road
EasyMile & Transdev let an autonomous shuttle drive itself for 1.25 km trhough 3 stops, making commute easier for employees in Rungis.


Electric driverless shuttles fleet in Paris
EasyMile & RATP tested a 100% electrically-powered and driverless shuttle in Vincennes, along a pre-defined 985ft route. The shuttle has six seats and features on-board IT and is steered using cameras, sensors and 3-D route recognition.


An autonomous shuttle to avoid parking spots issue
EasyMile, GoMentum Station and the Contra Costa Transportation Authority began operation of two EZ10 shared autonomous vehicles in a 600-acre business park (Bishop Ranch) in San Ramon, CA


Autopilot Research program testing autonomous vehicle
Autopilot is a European research program on autonomous vehicles, that tests a 100% electric Renault Zoe, on a 2 km road in the city center designed for autonomous driving.


An autonomous tow tractor delivers PSA Sochaux plant 
TractEasy by EasyMile is a driverless tow tractor with a maximum towing capacity of 25 tonnes and the ability to drive among other vehicles at speeds of up to 25 km/h.


An autonomous car passing a tollgate
The project demonstrate how an autonomous car can cross the tollgate over the A13 highway. The Roadside units delivers cybersecured messages to choose the right lane to use. (A RENAULT  & SANEF project).


A shared & autonomous on-demand mobility service
Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab and Transdev are now offering a last mile  on demand mobility service to citizens with a 100% electric autonomous vehicle.



Collaborative Projects

Tornado Mobility
The Tornado is a 36 months project  with interactions between autonomous vehicles and infrastructures for mobility services in low-density areas.


Syncro : “Sensored” V2X corridor
Syncro project is the deployment of « Sensored » V2X corridor between France and Italy to meet interurban needs. Road status about weather and traffic are communicated through V2X connectivity.


Compass 4D : A 7 cities project 
Cooperative Mobility Pilot on Safety and Sustainability Services for Deployment with installations in Bordeaux France (firsts traffic lights connected​​), Copenhagen, Eindhoven-Helmond, Newcastle, Tessaloniki, Verona, Vigo. This project includes 3 use cases : Road Hazard Warning, Red Light Violation Warning and Energy Efficient Intersection service.


Drive C2X : Implementation and Evaluation of C2X communication technology in Europe
The field trials are involving seven test sites all across Europe and proved the safety and efficiency benefits of cooperative systems. More than 750 drivers successfully tested eight safety-related functions of cooperative systems.