Connected vehicle

Emergency Vehicle Warning (EVW)
Assigning the highest priority to the emergency vehicles. The vehicles in the same direction are being informed through V2V communications about the presence of an emergency vehicle behind them and then they’ll give way to the emergency vehicle.
Work Zone Warning (WZW)
Alert the driver to use caution when traveling through a work zone


In Vehicle Information
Integrated systems that deliver information to the driver. These systems use audio/video (A/V) interfaces, touchscreens, keypads and other types of devices.


V2X data collection
Vehicles are broadcasting periodic beacons every 100ms containing vehicle positional data. These beacons are collected through the Road Side Unit and centralized in a Traffic Management Center (TMC) to be analyzed (traffic data, detect incidents, alert police).



Autonomous vehicle

Intersection Movement Assist (IMA)
Intersection Movement Assist warns the driver if it is nsafe to enter an intersection. For example if another vehicle is running a red light or making a sudden turn.



Transit Signal Priority (TSP)
The Transit Signal Priority application uses vehicle to infrastructure communications to allow a transit vehicle to request an priority at one or a series of intersections. The application includes feedback to the transit driver indicating whether the signal priority has been granted or not.