Why choosing LACROIX City ?

LACROIX City is the leader in Intelligent Cooperative Transport Systems (C-ITS), and the specialist in advanced road traffic detection. As technology expert, and traffic management products provider in V2X communications and cybersecurity, we design electronic devices for the road and mobility of all.

Smart City experts

LACROIX Group offers its technical and operational excellence in response to many smart city issues: water, energy, connected and secure equipment. At the heart of mobility and smart roads, LACROIX City offers its customers equipment dedicated to lighting, road signs, traffic management regulation and V2X. LACROIX City V2X is able to produce high quality V2X hardware and software and adapt its products to the European and American market.


LACROIX Group was created in 1936 and has since grown steadily. The V2X cluster of LACROIX City is a major player in the sector that took part in the first projects since the launch of the technology, 7 years ago, and has already equipped 2000 km of roads in Europe since.


LACROIX City V2X has a dedicated team of software and hardware developers ready to bring you the best support in your V2X experience. The teams are located in France and Michigan in the USA.